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  • Each Thunderful individual makes a difference. We want to create a diverse, inclusive and creative environment where everyone feels welcomed. Our job is per definition an art form, and our goal is for all our employees to feel excited and passionate to keep making amazing games. Keep reading to view some of our Employee Stories!

  • I joined Thunderful in 2021 after moving from Florida to Gothenburg in 2018, and I've never been treated better by a company or loved my job more. As a kid I always dreamed of working in this industry, but never imagined I could actually make it happen, much less at an organization that really puts its people first. No matter their position in the organization, the people here feel more like good friends than just coworkers. The work-life balance here is the envy of the folks home in the states!


    Sales and Publishing Manager

  • Started in 2014, no plans on leaving. Thunderful gives me room for personal development, mid-size teams working on incredibly inspiring projects, great work-life balance. And hey, I’ve made some of my closest friends among all the fantastic and talented coworkers to be found here!


    Narrative Lead

  • I moved from Germany to Sweden in 2017 to join Thunderful and I immediately felt at home. My colleagues are just amazing and I am regularly in awe of how wonderful and talented everyone is. I think this really shows in how people love to stay in the office after work to spend time together, talk and play games.



  • Not only do I work with the best people and projects, Thunderful also creates a space to evolve and explore my professional interests. Which in my opinion is one of the best way to ensure creativity and individualism.



  • Since joining Thunderful, I've grown in directions that I didn't even thought I was capable of reaching. That comes from an environment where I'm constantly invited to discussions, and my ideas and thoughts are always listened to and taken into consideration. I couldn't have found a better place to kickstart my career as a game developer.


    3D Artist

  • Working with Thunderful in Malmö has exceeded my expectations in every way. Originally from Venezuela I've had the privilege of relocating a couple of times for work, but this time was different. I was welcomed by an amazing team and a project that makes me feel passionate and engaged each day. Not only that, but working here makes me feel like all previous hardships have been for a reason. I am super grateful and look forward to keep growing with the team.


    2D Artist

  • Thunderful is a warm and welcoming place with fantastic people of different backgrounds coming together to make truly creative games - with a lot of heart. Even though the company is quite big now, each project team still feels maintainable and small enough to get to know everyone. And there’s plenty of room to grow and take on bigger challenges, if you want!


    Game Director

  • I really enjoy working at Thunderful. I have incredibly nice, inspiring and talented colleagues, and to work with an amazing team to develop something that will bring joy to others is very rewarding. I really appreciate the freedom that comes with the flexible work hours, and the wellness hours gives a really positive boost on my well being!


    Associate Producer

  • Working with games was really not my goal when growing up. Studying sound engineering in Piteå changed my mind. Zoink, now Thunderful, has been an amazing workplace since I started. Not only because I get to be creative all day long, but also because of all the amazing co-workers I get to work with.


    Lead Sound Designer

  • One of my main goals in life is to have a job that doesn't really feel like a job; where you wake up in the morning and feel excited to go to work. Thanks to Thunderful, I can now check that goal off my list.


    Operations Manager

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